EOS - elefanco origination services - is an independent advisor based near Warsaw.



elefan&co brand does convey a life-long friendships (elephant & connection), respect, trust and collective strength. Our core is growth advisory through strategic and human capital decisions. Founded in 2015 as an RPO/ Recruitment Process Outsouring firm. We work in two fully separate divisions: ERP - Elefanco Recruitment (Processes) and EOS - Elefanco Origination (Services) Reference Since 2015 we serve our clients in their non-core functions. Our clients represent number of industries. We serve firms of different scale, pioneers, local market leaders and global key players. We build life-long relationships based on trust and mutual respect.



Partners: Warsaw School of Economics, Institute of Programming Studies
Advisors: Our Advisors are beautiful minds in their respective fields


Speaks – Polish, English
Alma Mater – Warsaw School of Economics
Background – Investment management
In love with – Art of living
In – Warsaw

Speaks – Polish, English, French
Alma Mater – Lodz University of Technology, University of Houston, University of Helsinki
Background – Project management and finance
In love with – Her kids and art
In – Lodz

Speaks – Polish, English, German
Alma Mater – Warsaw University -Law, British Law Center
Background – Law Firms
In love with – Good kitchen and biographies
In – Warsaw


Speaks – English, French, Polish
Alma Mater – Warsaw School Of Economics, National University of Singapore
Experiance – International economics
Background – Diplomacy
In love with – Politics and backpacking
In – Warsaw

Speaks – German, English, Polish
Alma Mater – Warsaw School of Economics, MBA at INSEAD, Erasmus University in Rotterdam
Background – Management consulting
In love with – Dancing and travelling
In – Vienna

Speaks – Polish, English
Alma Mater – University of Social Sciences and Humanities
Background – Psychology and charity
In love with – Horse riding
In – Warsaw


Speaks – Polish, Russian, English
Alma Mater – Law at Lazarski University, Warsaw School of Econoics
Background – Law firms and consulting
In love with – Cooking and racing cars
In – Warsaw

Speaks – Polish, English, German, Arabic
Alma Mater – Warsaw University of Technology – Applied IT, Paris Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi
Background – IT and consulting
In love with – Catamaran sailing and backpacking
In – Dubai

Speaks – English, Polish
Alma Mater – AGH University of Science and Technology
Background – Finance
In love with – Technology and backpacking
In – Kraków


Speaks – English, German, Polish
Alma Mater – Warsaw University of Technology
Experiance – Production engineering
Background – Engineering and manufacturing
In love with – New technologies and mountain biking
In – Warsaw

Speaks – English, Polish
Alma Mater – Warsaw University of Life Sciences
Background – Industry and engineering
In love with – Travelling
In – Luanda/CapeTown

Speaks: Polish, English, German, Italian
Alma Mater: Warsaw School of Economics PhD Program in Finance, Warsaw University
In love with: winter, water and everyday sports



EOS elefanco origination

We start with a vision and play a role of a transaction architect.

ERP elefanco recruitment

We build with you the right Team to execute the vision.



Could you please read it first
We are GDPR/ RODO friendly, you can always ask us to remove your profile from any recruitment process.
We, so as our clients, never want to know your address or to receive your any documents. Before the job offer your current city will be enough.
By submiting your personal information to us, you acknowledge and agree that the information will be processed in our databases as well as used to match you with career opportunities and to signal you to clients, worldwide.
write: 'rodo@ at our domain



How to join our ERP (recruitment) team
Your core attributes: smartness, kindness, curiousity, willing to be serving others, hardwork, passion and strong people skills,
You need to be a deeply responsible person, recruiment means changing people lives,
You need to have at least one big hobby, every effective person has to be able to plug out,
At ERP we telework or we work from our office, please mention what is your preference
As we primarily telework it doesn't matter if you live in the mountains or at the seaside, what matter is who you are and how you deal with others
write: 'join@ at our domain

How to join our EOS (origination) team
You can join EOS only by being with us for years

If you want to apply to job offers we sometimes advertise
Could you please follow the e-mail included on an ad

If you want to share your curriculum oportunisticly:
Could you please send your CV to 'share@ at our domain



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ul. Krolewska 24
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We are open to work collaboratively and to develope new ideas, together.
mick@ our domain


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